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People Think About It

subject and commentary of every day life and events

Recent Episodes

Intro to people think about it

July 20, 2022

www.peoplethinkaboutit.com This show talks about the episode we've done on child support and the guest. How to contact us and how to become a guest on People think about it

Who supporting the supporter in child support

July 13, 2022

www.peoplethinkaboutit.com This conversation was a round table about supporting your child, and your support system supporting you.

Child support life changer

July 7, 2022

www.peoplethinkaboutit.com This episode is about the life changes a preson goes threw financially, emotionally, life change

The court system and child support

June 30, 2022

www.peoplethinkaboutit.com This episode was about how the court system affects the preson who is paying child support and visitation rights.

Is child support for you or the baby

June 23, 2022

www.peoplethinkaboutit.com This episode is about child support for the baby or the mother and how mothers look at child support and how its so hard to do the right think for the child.

Child support from both Eyes

June 16, 2022

www.peoplethinkaboutit.com This child support conversation is about a male and female stand point . Where veiwing child support from a male paying and a women and being in the court system and force to pay. Also looking at …